JEAN ALLISON – EFT Practitioner | Therapeutic Life Coach | Reflexologist


Those poor, often forgotten and neglected (and sometimes despised ) appendages at the end of our legs are the gateway to relaxation and wellbeing.

Reflexology is a whole body treatment and can act as a mini-WOF to keep all your systems in balance. It is an opportunity to stop and recharge your batteries. Whether you are looking to relax or wanting support with a medical or emotional condition, with your entire body mapped onto the sole of your feet, reflexology can help.

How can it help me?

Benefits may include but are by no means limited to:

pain reduction

stress relief

improved sleep patterns

deep relaxation

improved circulation and metabolism

boosted immunity

increased energy

alleviating symptoms of depression and anxiety

Kura Hauora Days

Our mental and emotional wellbeing affects our ability to do our jobs, maintain healthy relationships and cope with stress or frustrations. Kura that acknowledge the mental and emotional wellbeing of their Kaiako, Tumuaki and Kaiāwhina generally have happier staff who feel valued and supported, a more positive workplace and, ultimately, a healthier school.  Hauora Days are designed to bring wellbeing into the workplace through Reflexology. Find out more here or contact me to discuss options for your school.


Reflexology Packages and Prices

Awareness Package

A tailored treatment to address your immediate needs.

Single Treatment


Awakening Package

Receive deeper results with a 3 session package

*Packages must be completed within 3 months of booking


Transformation Package

Really feel the benefits that consistent body work brings to your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

5  sessions
*Packages must be completed within 3 months of booking