JEAN ALLISON – EFT Practitioner | Transformational Life Coach | Bach Flower Practitioner | Reflexologist

What is EFT?

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT or Tapping) is a form of Energy Psychology, combining mind and body to provide alternative treatment for physical pain and emotional distress.

It’s like an emotional version of acupuncture but without the needles, easy to learn and effective in creating lasting results.
Based on the combined principles of ancient Chinese acupressure and modern psychology, EFT works with both the mind and body to transform the way we feel, as well as addressing how our emotions affect us physically. 

How can it help me?

EFT is effective for overcoming:

negative cycles

depression / anxiety

performance blocks to success

fears and phobias / OCD


health and physical issues

relationship issues

PTSD / trauma

weight loss / eating disorders

stress / overwhelm

panic attacks

grief / separation and loss

What can I expect during a session?

Sessions generally last an hour, during which we work together to gently identify aspects of an issue that are causing you distress. While some issues can be resolved quickly, for new clients I recommend a minimum of three sessions. There are some quick results with EFT – deep transformation tends to take a little longer

Why work with me?

I’ve never been happier than I am now, thanks to EFT,  therapeutic coaching tools and the support of Bach Flowers. I have visited some dark and dreary places in both my mind and heart over the years before my own healing journey using these techniques began. Now, not only do I use the practices in my life daily, I get satisfaction from seeing positive and empowering changes in my clients. Every day I get to work alongside others as they move towards their potential with greater clarity and self compassion, and for me that’s the best job in the world!

EFT Packages and Prices

Awareness Package

Together we will gently and compassionately explore a specific issue you may have identified that is ‘bugging you’ or holding you back. The subconscious mind holds a wealth of valuable information which the process of EFT can access.

1 Hour Session


Awakening Package

The Awakening package ensures that you get enough support and follow up to see real change – a package which can be repeated as often as necessary, as each new layer of challenge comes up for acknowledgment and healing.
3 x 1 hour sessions
*Packages must be completed within 3 months of booking


Transformation Package

Are you ready to commit to you, to our work together, to following through on your transformational tools and insights, to move towards a meaningful and purposeful life? A personalised journey to bring about powerful changes.
5 x 1 Hour Sessions
*Packages must be completed within 3 months of booking