JEAN ALLISON – Transformational Life Coach

Transformational Life Coaching

We’ve all been there at one time of another. Frustrated, bored, disillusioned, depressed, stuck in a rut… perhaps the dark night of the soul has arrived at your door.

 You may be feeling scared, anxious, disengaged. Perhaps joy is an unimaginable dream as you are stuck in the mundane routine of your life. Or are you stressed to the point of burnout? Wherever you are, however you are feeling, I am here to support you.
Through a comprehensive, whole person approach, I partner with you on a personalised journey. Unlike other coaching services, Jean Allison Coaching isn’t about striving to be more, pushing to obtain goals or endless achievement. Rather, it is an approach based on the neuroscience of change and compassion, embodying gentle awareness and acknowledgment of self, embracing your authenticity and living with deeper sense of self acceptance and understanding of how to create lasting change.

How can it help me?

Jean Allison Coaching can help you:

Move through your fears and doubts enabling you to lead a rich, more fulfilling and purposeful life,

Connect with life-enhancing positive beliefs which are accessed from your innate inner wisdom,

Obtain clarity about and replace recycling negative patterns which are running at a subconscious level and controlling your life,

Identify your life path and discover your authentic self,

Overcome limiting beliefs that have stopped you in the past,

Develop a deeper sense of compassion and connection to yourself and those around you.

To learn more about my coaching packages contact me for a free 15 minute consultation.


Working with the powerful Jean Allison Coaching technique, we uncover, clear and release your negative blocks and beliefs.

I guide you in making the shifts that you deeply long for. You begin to live your life from a place of strength and self belief.





Coaching Packages and Prices

Awakening Package

Build the foundations for positive change. The Awareness package ensures that you get enough support and follow up to see real change – a package which can be repeated as often as necessary, as new insights are formed.
3 x 1 hour sessions
*Packages must be completed within 3 months of booking


Inspiration Package

Are you ready to commit to you, to our work together, to following through on your transformational tools and insights, to move towards a meaningful and purposeful life? A personalised journey to bring about powerful changes.
5 x 1 hour sessions
*Packages must be completed within 3 months of booking


Transformation Package

It’s time to shine, to live authentically from the heart. Incorporating EFT and Holistic Life Coaching tools, this personalised journey brings about powerful changes that become deep rooted and part of the new you.
8 x 1 hour sessions
*Packages must be completed within 6 months of booking