About Me

JEAN ALLISON – EFT Practitioner | Transformational Life Coach | Reflexologist

My Purpose

As a Transformational Life Coach, EFT Practitioner and Reflexologist, my purpose and intention is to support you as you develop a compassionate and confident sense of self.

 How is the tone of your inner world? Are you able to sit quietly and feel warmth and empathy for yourself? Or is there an inner tone of discontent or disapproval, perhaps even self-loathing?

Jean Allison Coaching is a unique system based on the neuroscience of change and compassion. I meet you with non-judgement, understanding and empathy. You’ll find a space for you to ‘be’ while we have insightful, respectful conversations and employ powerful proven tools that lead towards meaningful change. 


My Journey


I had a very successful career, had independently travelled the world a few times over, living in some amazing places along the way, and yet for the longest time I felt unfulfilled, unhappy, constantly stressed and overwhelmed. I had very little self-confidence, and was running some unhealthy patterns that were keeping me stuck. Not to mention the sense of void that seemed to follow me everywhere. 

I know what it’s like to be in a dark space, feeling isolated and alone with no sense of purpose or self-worth, running a pattern of stressed, anxious and overwhelmed to collapse. I carried in me a deep sense of ‘something is missing’, of never being good enough and I had a number of tried and tested strategies to avoid facing the changes I knew I needed to make – binge watching TV, endless scrolling on social media, food to name a few. Light heartedness and joy was something other people experienced and I could barely begin to imagine.

Life feels very different now and the changes I’ve embodied have been deep and powerful. With the right tools, the right support, I know you can create the life that you truly desire, a life that is abundant with meaningful connections, with purpose, ease, and joy. 

You are not your past. You can create your future.


Client Raves


I always feel grounded and peaceful after working with Jean. She has an amazing way of listening to me and what I’m saying and I feel so accepted and understood. I’ve been able to uncover some big blocks and make the changes in my life that I’ve always wanted to. 

Penny, Shanghai


Client Raves


Working with Jean feels really safe. She has helped me see the best in myself, the parts of myself that I couldn’t see before because of the way I was feeling about myself. I’m really grateful to have found her. 

Huda, UK


Client Raves


Jean has an amazing sense of calm and compassion that immediately makes her safe and relatable. She’s really skilful at being able to reflect back to me what I’m saying and to see beyond the words. 

Gov, Switzerland


Why work with me? The highlights reel:

Therapeutic Life Coach (trauma-informed/trained)

Dialogue Road Map Facilitator/Mediator

EFT and Mindfulness Practitioner


Qi Gong Teacher

Bach Flower Practitioner

Internal Family Systems (IFS) informed/trained

Tony Robbins Mastery Academy

Accredited Trainer De Bono Six Hats / Thinking Tools, trained in Howard Gardiner Multiple Intelligences, Nonviolent Communication

25+ years in Primary Education including whole school development in Social and Emotional Well-being, Developing Creativity and Principalship

Proud creator and owner of www.theresourcecupboard.co.nz and www.thebookbox.co.nz

World explorer – 47 countries so far, and many of them more than once – lucky, lucky me

Human being having human experiences